Decoderz #20 |26th October 2020| Cuckoo Search Optimization Algorithm -AI Tutorial

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In this video, we will be discussing about Cuckoo search is an optimization algorithm developed by Xin-she Yang and Suash Deb in 2009. It was inspired by the obligate brood parasitism of some cuckoo species by laying their eggs in the nests of other host birds (of other species). Some host birds can engage direct conflict with the intruding cuckoos. For example, if a host bird discovers the eggs are not their own, it will either throw these alien eggs away or simply abandon its nest and build a new nest elsewhere.Some cuckoo species such as the New World brood-parasitic Tapera have evolved in such a way that female parasitic cuckoos are often very specialized in the mimicry in colors and pattern of the eggs of a few chosen host species Cuckoo search idealized such breeding behavior, and thus can be applied for various optimization problems.Watch this video till end and leave comment if you have any suggestions?. Subscribe our channel for more videos. Thanks for watching.

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