Decoderz #19|19th Oct 2020| AI Tutorial – Harris Hawks Optimization Algorithm

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In this video, we will discussing about, The Harris hawks optimization (HHO) algorithm is a new swarm intelligence optimization paradigm proposed by Ali Asghar Heidari et al. in 2019, which is inspired by the team behaviors and chasing patterns of Harris’s hawk in nature called surprise pounce. The Harris’s hawk is notable for its behavior of hunting cooperatively in packs consisting of tolerant groups, while other raptors often hunt alone. Harris hawks’ social nature has been attributed to their intelligence, which makes them easy to train and have made them a popular bird for use in falconry. Several hawks cooperatively pounce a prey from different directions in an attempt to surprise it. Harris hawks can reveal a variety of chasing patterns based on the dynamic nature of scenarios and escaping patterns of the prey. Subscribe our channel for more videos. Thanks for watching.

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