Which Vaccine is Better:Covishield VS Covaxin VS Sputnik

By R. M. Seaa Shyin Vibi Current Status of Vaccines in India The success of India’s vaccination strategy can be greatly attributed to its major vaccine producers: Serum Institute of India, based in Pune, and Hyderabad’s Bharat Biotech. The two companies are manufacturing millions of vials of COVID-19 vaccine for the Indian government. Following the […]

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Metaheuristic Anopheles Search Algorithm: An Natural Inspired Phenomena Utilized in Engineering Optimization Problems

1. Introduction Nowadays, different optimization problems have been solved using various optimization techniques mainly try to obtain optimal solution in the proximity of initial point [1]. Due to increase in complexity of optimization problems and number of optimal points, efficiency of finding global optima has decreased [2]. Thus the new natural phenomena inspired algorithm known […]

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