Sunflower optimization algorithm (SFO): population-based nature inspired algorithm mimicking the sunflowers movement towards the sun

1. Introduction The SFO is a new meta-heuristic algorithm which is stimulated by the moving of sunflowers towards the sunlight by considering the pollination between adjacent sunflowers. Also, the SFO is stimulated by the inverse square law radiation and it is a technique is a population-based iterative heuristic global [1] optimization algorithm for multi-modal problems. […]

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Sailfish Optimizer (SFO): A Novel Method Motivated from the Behavior of Sailfish for Optimal Solution

1. Introduction      Optimization can be used essentially in a variety of fields from engineering design to economics or holiday planning to Internet routing. Metaheuristic algorithms can provide appropriate technique to solve optimization problems through mathematical modeling of social political evolution. These algorithms are using methods that find solutions close to the optimum with an […]

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