Black Widow Optimization (BWO) Algorithm: Mating Behaviour of Black Widow Spider for Solving Engineering Optimization Problems

1. Introduction A new metaheuristic optimization algorithm based on mating behavior of the black widow spiders, first proposed by V. Hayyolalam and A. Pourhaji Kazem in 2020, has been used to solve different engineering and scientific problems owing to their easiness and flexibility.  The Black Widow Optimization Algorithm (BWO) is inspired by the unique mating […]

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An Efficient Moth Flame Optimization (MFO) Algorithm for Solving Numerical Expressions

1. Introduction         Moth-flame optimization algorithm is a new metaheuristic optimization method, which is proposed by Seyedali Mirjalili in 2015 and based on the simulation of the behavior of moths for their special navigation methods in night [1]. They utilize a mechanism called transverse orientation for navigation. In this method, a moth flies by maintaining […]

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