Sandpiper Optimization Algorithm (SOA): A New Approach to Solve Challenging Real- Life Problems

1. Introduction In different real-world problems there is a need to minimize production cost, risks, and maximize reliability etc [1]. Optimization is the process of determining the best value for a decision variable of a function so as to minimize or maximize an objective function [2]. The objective of the optimization process is to determine […]

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Vapour – Liquid Equilibrium (VLE): An Algorithm Inspired by the Chemical Phenomenon for Solving a New Patient Bed Assignment Problem

1. Introduction In Chemistry, the vapor-liquid equilibrium process describes the distribution of chemical species combining two essential phases [1]: vapor phase and liquid phase. Using a binary system of compounds is possible to simulate a search process based on the equilibrium between both phases [2]. Understanding the distribution of chemical components in both the vapor and liquid phase, called vapor-liquid […]

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Border Collie Optimization (BOC): Algorithm mimicking the Sheep Herding Styles of Border Collie Dogs used for Solving Real World Optimization Problem

1. Introduction The Border collie is often considered to be the brightest dog from other breeds that are considered to have higher cognitive skill levels [1]. It is known that dogs, like people, have different levels of intelligence [2]. Intelligence is determined by the ability of the dog to learn, which generally means the ability […]

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