A Novel Numerical Optimization Algorithm Inspired from Salps: Salp Swarm Optimization Algorithm

1. Introduction     Inspiration analysis Salp Swarm Algorithm (SSA) is one of meta-heuristic algorithms recently proposed by Mirjalili in 2017. A novel optimization algorithm called Salp Swarm Optimizer (SSA) is proposed. Multi-objective Salp Swarm Algorithm (MSSA) is proposed to solve multi-objective problems [1]. Swarm intelligence techniques mimic the intelligence of swarms, herds, schools, or flocks […]

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An Efficient Moth Flame Optimization (MFO) Algorithm for Solving Numerical Expressions

1. Introduction         Moth-flame optimization algorithm is a new metaheuristic optimization method, which is proposed by Seyedali Mirjalili in 2015 and based on the simulation of the behavior of moths for their special navigation methods in night [1]. They utilize a mechanism called transverse orientation for navigation. In this method, a moth flies by maintaining […]

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