A Novel Bio- Inspired Metaheuristic Algorithm: Tunicate Swarm Algorithm (TSA) for Optimizing Non –Linear Constrained Problems

1. Introduction A novel bio-inspired metaheuristic algorithm, named as Tunicate Swarm Algorithm, is simplified for optimizing non-linear constrained problems [1]. It is inspired by the swarm behavior of tunicate to survive successfully find the location of food source in the depth of ocean [2]. This fact has motivated to develop a new population based metaheuristic […]

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A Novel Physics based Optimization Algorithm: Equilibrium Optimizer (EO)

1. Introduction Equilibrium is a state in which opposing forces are balanced. Optimization and equilibrium models are used routinely in environmental engineering and science [1]. This allows solving different kinds of equilibrium problems, such as multi-objective optimization problems etc, the equilibrium optimizer of each particle solution with its concentration position acts as a search agent […]

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A Dynamic Polymorphic Population based Algorithm: Side – Blotched Lizard Algorithm (SBLA) a reliable Algorithm to use in Real – World Problems

1. Introduction The Side- Blotched Lizard Algorithm (SBLA) is a subpopulation-based optimization algorithm is to define the total and partial populations of lizards, taking into consideration how the distribution of each morph gradually changes as time goes by. Such lizard’s analysis with three morphs connected with the particular mating strategies [1]. The strategy takes into […]

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